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“Bob, Well after 30 days on the road we’ve finished shooting Food Network’s Feasting on Asphalt 2. I wanted to personally thank you for allowing me to beta test your prototype Micatech top case. I’m very happy to report that it performed flawlessly under some adverse conditions. Not a drop of moisture inside despite the monsoon like rains we encountered on several occasions. The mounting system you devised remained rock solid throughout the ride. On two occasions I put a wrench on it to see what may have vibrated loose but could not manage to get even the slightest turn out of any part.

Needless to say the Pilot Side Cases were trouble free and afforded me the most luggage capacity of any bike on the trip. The capacity of the top case is massive and it sure was nice to have that much room for camera gear and everything else that I needed quick access to. Despite its size I noticed no buffeting or drag when on high speed runs. The three cases are well designed and seem to work in harmony with one another. I sincerely hope that you guys release this top case soon as anyone who appreciates the Pilot side cases will surely want to add the top case to their luggage set. Thanks for your dedication to quality products.”

Bobby Earnhardt – Georgia