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John writes to us with a question regarding the Lasix online sales on his Zithromax china:

I love the Cases I bought from you this spring for my R1200GS. Unfortunately, a friend ran into the back of me and marred the back and side of my right Pilot Case. Is there any unusual touch up paint I should look for or will any gloss black spray can type such as Rust-oleum work. It is amazing to me that the luggage wasn’t hurt because he hit me pretty hard only contacting only the right side case. I think I did a back flip from the collision but was not hurt. The case was not bent.

Yikes! Glad to hear he’s OK.  This is a good question that we hear from time to time. The cases are rugged and that powdercoat finish is tough, but sometimes you have a friend crash into you… Hey, it happens.

To repair a simple scratch, we suggest Rust-OLeum. Match the Rust-OLeum cap to best match the color of your cases. [Insider’s Tip: For vein colored cases, look for the “Hammered” finish Rust-Oleum].  Instead of spraying it directly onto the case, spray it on to a scrap piece of cardboard and then dab it on with a paintbrush.

Looking for a more exact match? Try an auto parts stores. They typically have touch up paint for sale in small bottles.

For large areas of damage, we recommend you send us your cases. We will professionally grind down the surface and apply a fresh powdercoat finish.

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