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Plan to come to New Hampshire for the Micatech Motorcycle Luggage Open House and Fall Foliage Ride on Saturday, September 29th. The ride will feature 100 miles of dirt roads in Central New Hampshire and will be suitable for “Big Bikes” and other adventure/dual purpose bikes. Our Open House will include refreshments, door prizes, a factory tour and a chance to further your club and riding community. All events start at 9 a.m. at our factory in Hillsboro, NH, and local camping is available.

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Micatech Pilot owner, Chuck, shares thoughts about his cases. Chuck took the time to talk with a potential future Micatech owner. Here is what he had to say:

“I think the Micatech Pilot cases are great.  The welded construction is bulletproof (no riveted and silicon sealed bottoms like the Touratech/Zega/BMW cases).  The side opening design really works well – you can get to gear more easily than digging down through a column of gear from the top.  A little care in packing and use of the accompanying liner bags pretty much eliminates the potential problem of things falling out when you open the doors.  The right bag tilts the opening up a little when on the sidestand and tends to be the bag for frequently accessing.  The other main advantage is you can mount a duffel bag across the top, or strap items on the top of the cases  and not have to undo that stuff when you want to get into the cases.   I have never detected a leak in the waterproof seal on the door.  I have had my share of tip-overs, some on hard rock on Utah backroads like the White Rim Trail and the cases have been rock solid and undamaged.  I have the large set of 102 liters per pair, which is a lot of storage and can obviate the need for a top case for many trips. I liked the Pilots enough that I put a pair of the V2 cases (37 liters each) on a G650GS Sertao.”