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Dear Valued Customers, Vendors and Motorcycling Friends,

After 37 years in the metal fabrication business, I have the opportunity to sell our business and am going to retire from the production side of things. I am working closely with the new business and will be taking a hiatus from Micatech for a year or so, to work on the transition, travel and recharge.

In the meantime, we are rethinking our Micatech products and manufacturing and looking at how we can better serve the market. I will be testing some new design improvements on our cases and a slick new mounting system. We are also looking for a new business partner. If you have any interest, I’d be glad to discuss.

We have some inventory on sale for a limited time only. Please see the list below and check our website or call for deals on Pilot Luggage, V-Pilots, V2 Cases, top cases, racks, roof racks, backrests, ReflectGard kits and liner bags.

We invite you all to stay in touch with us through the Micatech Facebook page also our website,

Sue and I have had a tremendous amount of fun over the past eight years with Micatech and we look forward to seeing you again in the future. Thanks for everything!

See you all out on the road!

Bob Gould

Micatech Sale Prices – Good til They’re Gone

Item List Price Sale Price Discount
Pilot Cases w/ hardware $1,410 $1,250 $160
V-Pilot Cases w/ hardware [8″] $1,295 $1,145 $150
V-Pilot Cases w/ hardware [10″] $1,335 $1,185 $150
V-2 Cases (cases only) [8″] $1,100 $700 $150
V-2 Cases (cases only) [10″] $1,140 $740 $150
V-2 Cases (cases only) [8″+10″] $1,120 $720 $150
Small top case $375 $300 $75
Medium top case $395 $325 $75
Large top case $420 $345 $75
Medium pack rack $130 $80 $50
Large pack rack $165 $100 $65
Mount kit R1200GS (front) $65 $40 $25
Mount kit R1200GS (rear) $65 $40 $25
Mount kit R1200GSADV $65 $40 $25
F800/F650GS pack rack $95 $50 $45
Suzuki V-Strom 650/1000 rack $95 $50 $45
Kaw KLR 650A or 650E rack $95 $50 $45
Triumph Tiger 800/XC pack rack $95 $50 $45
Liner bags small $25 $15 $10
Liner bags large $35 $20 $15
Roof racks $75 $50 $25
Backrest set $99 $75 $24
Reflectgard kits for cases $32 – $42 $16 – $21 $ 16 – $21

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Effective July 1, we will be increasing the price on our motorcycle luggage. We have kept our prices constant for many years but the increased costs for materials, labor and fuel necessitate the increase.

Our cases are of the highest quality. They are still an excellent value and priced competitively. Call before July 1 to order a set before the prices go up!

Rally Update
We’ll be at the 40th Anniversary Rally of the MOA Club in Sedalia, Missouri, July 19-22. It’s going to be a big one with terrific door prizes, music, and of course, shopping! Order at the BMW MOA rally and take advantage of free shipping! We will be selling our new product line, Excel Cycle Werkes, and showing all our luggage: Pilots, V-Pilots, V2s, Top Cases, Pack Racks, Backrests, Accessories and more.

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Micatech is participating in a new program called Adventure Life, in conjunction with RawHyde

Adventures and many other vendors of top motorcycle gear and accessories. We’d like to explain
a little bit about the program to you.

Many of you know that RawHyde Adventures has been running a training school for
Adventure Motorcyclists for over a decade and they have trained thousands of riders. The new
Adventure Life program and website is born out of their experiences with what’s “missing” for
many Adventure Motorcyclists. The new program provides solutions to some of the
challenges of adventure riding.

Challenge #1 – A lack of community. It’s really no fun to go adventure riding alone and it’s much
more satisfying to share the experience with some friends. The new website gives you a way to
connect with other riders who are both accessible AND interested in adventure riding. RawHyde
and BMW have been working for two years to build these communities of riders across the
country. Click here to find more than 60 communities of riders across the
USA. These communities are not clubs, just groups of folks interested in riding and sharing the

Micatech will be starting a GS Riders of New England website to kick off our Adventure
Life riding community and will send out a notice when the website is up!

Challenge #2 – Outfitting your bike. This new website introduces you to all the companies that
RawHyde thinks does a good job of providing gear and accessories, including Micatech. You’ll
also note that most of these companies are pretty small so this is sort of a “co-op site” designed
to make it easy for you to learn more about all of us.

In addition to our side cases, top cases, pack racks, liner bags and other luggage
accessories, Micatech is now offering a new line of stainless products for BMW’s. The
Excel Cycle Werkes products include light bars, horn kits, Centech kits, shelves and
brackets to mount your GPS, radar detector, and other unique accessories to improve
your ride and your safety.

Challenge #3 – What to do? There are not a lot of “Adventure Specific” events being hosted
in the US. The group involved in the Adventure Life program has decided to collectively host
a series of “adventure only” events around the country. Most of these events are free and
sponsored by the companies, oriented only toward the adventure rider.

Mark your calendars for the first Micatech Fall Foliage GS Adventure ride for Saturday,
September 29th. Details to follow soon!

Please check back to the new ADV Life website often because we’re just getting started. Future
plans for the site include product reviews, blogs, a GPS track repository where you can download
great rides for free, and a whole lot more.

On behalf of Jim Hyde, the RawHyde crew and the Micatech team, thanks for checking us out!

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Come to Micatech to outfit your bike with smart accessories to improve your riding experience. Micatech is now offering Excel Cycle Werkes accessories for BMWs.

We are excited to take on this new product line of accessories which suits our production capabilities and sensibilities. Excel Cycle Werkes are clever, high caliber products with the attention to detail we appreciate.

The Excel Cycle Werkes products go the extra mile in providing all the hardware and wiring needed to make installations neat and easy. The products include cross bars and GPS mounts; light bars and mounts; shelves and brackets for GPS, satellite radios, garage door openers, radar detectors, etc; Stebel horn kits; exhaust extensions; and a “plug and play” Centech kit to power up all your installed devices. These items and others are designed for the BMW R1200GS/GSAs and some are available for the R1150GS, F800GS, R1200RT, K1200LT, K1200GT, K1200S and other models.

Tom Dowell, founder of Excel Cycle Werkes, is a machinist and craftsman who has been designing, testing and producing BMW accessories for years. Excel products help BMW adventure riders solve problems and add accessories to improve their riding experience and enhance safety.

Tom will be joining Sue and Bob Gould at the Micatech booth at the MOA rally in Sedalia, Missouri, this July. For more information about the Excel Cycle Werkes products, go to or call 1-888-464-6494.

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We’re starting the New Year with a big resolution: New designs for new models!

We are working on a new mounting system for the Triumph Tiger800/800XC to fit the slim Micatech V-Pilots. The V-Pilots come in 8” and 10” widths.

Also look for the Micatech Pilot luggage for the Yamaha Super Tenere XT1200Z this season. Additionally, we’re working on a rear Pack Rack for the Super Tenere so you can complete your adventure touring setup with aMicatech top case.

Resolve to end your search this year for the best aluminum panniers — at Micatech.

Like us on FACEBOOK for more details.

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The chipmunks are packing it in and you can, too! Get 15% savings on a Micatech Pack Rack and carry all your extra gear this fall. This versatile accessory is a rugged, aluminum luggage rack with multiple tie-down points for packing. The Pack Rack can be used as a stand-alone rack or as the platform to mount a Buy prednisone.

Pack Racks include all mounting hardware and four quarter-turn receptacles for quick installation/removal of a Micatech Top Case – if you are looking for a little extra carrying capacity this season.

Triumph Tiger 800 Pack Rack

All Pack Racks are finished with a black industrial powder coat that is tough, durable and attractive. Special sale price of $79.95 (regularly$95). Use Code PACKRACK when you order online and the savings will be deducted from your order. Offer valid now through Thanksgiving. Only available for these models:

  • BMW F800GS ’08-
  • BMW F650GS ’08-
  • Kawasaki KLR650E ’08-
  • Kawasaki KLR650A ’87-’07
  • Suzuki DL650 V-Strom ’04
  • Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom ’02-
  • Triumph Tiger 800 & 800XC ’11-

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John writes to us with a question regarding the Lasix online sales on his Zithromax china:

I love the Cases I bought from you this spring for my R1200GS. Unfortunately, a friend ran into the back of me and marred the back and side of my right Pilot Case. Is there any unusual touch up paint I should look for or will any gloss black spray can type such as Rust-oleum work. It is amazing to me that the luggage wasn’t hurt because he hit me pretty hard only contacting only the right side case. I think I did a back flip from the collision but was not hurt. The case was not bent.

Yikes! Glad to hear he’s OK.  This is a good question that we hear from time to time. The cases are rugged and that powdercoat finish is tough, but sometimes you have a friend crash into you… Hey, it happens.

To repair a simple scratch, we suggest Rust-OLeum. Match the Rust-OLeum cap to best match the color of your cases. [Insider’s Tip: For vein colored cases, look for the “Hammered” finish Rust-Oleum].  Instead of spraying it directly onto the case, spray it on to a scrap piece of cardboard and then dab it on with a paintbrush.

Looking for a more exact match? Try an auto parts stores. They typically have touch up paint for sale in small bottles.

For large areas of damage, we recommend you send us your cases. We will professionally grind down the surface and apply a fresh powdercoat finish.

Do you have a question about your Micatech Motorcycle Luggage? Contact us and let us know what’s on your mind!

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Micatech is proud to announce that Pack Racks are now available for the Kawasaki KLR650E (’08-) and Triumph Tiger 800 & 800XC (’11-).

Last spring we offered a significant savings on V2 cases to celebrate the release of the new Triumph Tiger. The response was fantastic and many of you asked about adding a top case. At the time, we didn’t have a Pack Rack, the critical connection piece to attach a Micatech Top Case to the motorcycle. However, thanks to a local Tiger rider, we got our hands on one of the new bikes and starting designing a new Pack Rack.

Motorcycle manufacturers don’t always make it easy to design accessories. Fortunately, the folks and Triumph left the tail of the new Tiger accessible. After a few iterations we came to a design that’s functional, durable and stylish. The Pack Rack compliments the sleek and rugged lines of the Tiger while adding a sturdy platform for extra storage capacity with a Buy prednisone. The Top Case is back far enough to allow two-up riding and doubles as a Neurontin quick shipment for your passenger! By the same token, we keep it as far forward as possible in order to keep the weight towards the center of the bike.

Not only did we add in plenty of places to attach bungee straps, we made them big enough for plastic tip models and ROK straps. And if you’re headed out far off the beaten path, we’ve included an option to mount RotopaX containers for extra fuel/water storage.

In addition to the Triumph Tiger, we took a look at one of the greatest adventure bikes of all time – the Kawasaki KLR650. We have a few of the first generation (A) models around the shop but it wasn’t until our friendly local KLR rider, Skip, let us borrow his new (E) model. In 2008 Kawasaki revamped their dual sport and it quickly became the bike of choice for many adventure riders. You emailed, called, and posted on our ADVrider thread that you wanted the ability to mount a Micatech Top Case onto your KLR650E. We listened and got to work.

The simple and rugged design replaces the standard KLR rear rack and adds extra tide down points, quarter-turn connectors to quickly mount a Micatech Top Case, and an option to mount Rotopax containers for extra fuel/water storage.

All Pack Racks are finished with a black colored industrial powder coat that we do right Buy lasix fedex shipping. Go to the Micatech Online Shop to order your Pack Rack today.

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$50 off side cases + $50 off top case +  free rally delivery (normally $75) = $175 in savings!
Order your Micatech luggage in advance of the rally and we’ll deliver it to you at the rally for free!
BONUS OFFER: We’ll provide technical assistance and loan our tools to help you install your new Micatech luggage!

The Fine Print:

For pick up at the BMW RA Rally in Chippewa Falls, WI orders must be placed by Friday June 17th.
For pick up at the BMW MOA Rally in Bloomsburg, PA orders must be placed by Friday July 8th.

Enter the the appropriate coupon code “RA” or “MOA” to instantly save:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are my savings if I’m ordering a set of side cases and a top case?
$100 + FREE rally delivery

What are my savings if I’m only ordering side cases?
$50 + FREE rally delivery

What are my savings if I’m only ordering a top case?
$50 + FREE rally delivery

I’ve never been to a rally. What’s it like?
Thousands of motorcyclists from all around the country come to celebrate the motorcycle lifestyle! Start your morning with a cup of coffee before and then head out for a solo ride or join a group ride through the spectacular countryside. Head back to the rally grounds for some lunch and a stroll through “Vendor Alley” where you’ll see all the latest high quality motorcycle gear and accessories from hundreds of vendors. After you’ve done your shopping, sit in one of the many amazing presentations before eating some delicious BBQ with your new friends. After the sun goes down, enjoy a cold beer while listening to live music. Finish off with some chit-chat around the campfire and the rest up for another fun day tomorrow! Click these links to learn more about the RA rally and the MOA rally.

Do I need to ride a BMW to attend the BMW RA and MOA rallies?
No! All bikes are welcome! Whether you ride a street bike, a dual sport, a tourer, or even a moped, you’ll have fun at the rally.

Will you install the product for me?
We’re a 2 person team and although we’d love to install it for you we simply won’t have the time at the rally. However, since we’ve done hundreds of installs we know a thing or two about making it go smoothly. We’ll provide you with printed installation instructions, lend you our tools and will be close by to help answer any questions you might have.

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Wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my new pilot cases. After having a set of Jesse bags on my prior GS I knew that this time around I wanted something different as I was always struggling with getting things out without unloading everything from the top. Your cases have more than solved that problem and the build quality and mounting system is absolutely the best of any bags I have seen.
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