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March, 2011 | Micatech Motorcycle Luggage

Archive for March 2011 | Monthly archive page

posted by | Comments Off on Micatech Testimonial: Rick Saba – Ontario

“When I purchased my BMW R1200GS, I wanted to buy strong, stylish, solid motorcycle cases that were easy to mount and remove, yet are water tight and dust free. Once the cases were removed, I did not want to have a bunch of metal tracks all over the back end of the bike, which would detract from its overall lines. The only cases available for the 1200GS that have an unobtrusive mounting system are the original BMW cases; however, these cases mount with four easily broken plastic hooks.

Then, I learned about the unique Micatech mounting system. It’s strong, yet elegant. Unlike other mounting systems, your mounts have the advantage of being made of aluminum and stainless steel and will never rust, plus I’m hard pressed to even see the mounts once the cases are removed from the motorbike. || Read more

posted by | Comments Off on Micatech Testimonial: Jeff Earls – Oregon

“I was given a chance to field-test a set of prototype Micatech saddlebags in the summer of 2003. This was shortly before the start of the 2003 Iron Butt Rally. I’m normally loath to make a major equipment change so soon before a big ride but the specifications on these bags intrigued me. The construction appeared as good as other major aftermarket brands and there were some innovative engineering features on the mount system. I decided to sell my BMW cases and give these a try. I was not disappointed.

The Micatech bags are cavernous. The right bag easily holds a full-face helmet. I found that I can fit all my riding gear in the cases (full-face helmet, Aerostich RoadCrafter(tm) suit, and Aerostich “Combat Touring” boots) without any problems. Despite this internal size, the bigs tuck in neatly behind my legs while riding and carrying a passenger is no problem. They look wide from the rear but do not extend wider than the cylinders so lane-splitting in California does not pose any additional challenges. || Read more

posted by | Comments Off on Micatech Testimonial: John Murray – California

“I love the cases and am delighted with how they have performed…. Still can’t imagine a better system than the Micatechs.”

John Murray – California

posted by | Comments Off on Micatech Testimonial: Bob Aylor – Washington

“I’ve read and heard great things about your customer service, but WOW, you are impressive!”

Bob Aylor – Washington

posted by | Comments Off on Micatech Testimonial: Jim Daniels – Washington

“I love the Pilot cases and they seldom come off of my 2005 R1200GS. On road or off, commuting or touring they are a great addition to my GS.”

Jim Daniels – Washington

posted by | Comments Off on Micatech Testimonial: Karl Marsh – Nebraska

“The bags are great. They work perfectly. I like everything about them. I have been telling lots of people about them. They are the best bags I have ever owned, hands down. Your bags make the competition’s bags look like high school metal shop projects.

Thanks again,”

Karl Marsh – Nebraska

posted by | Comments Off on Micatech Testimonial: Paul Corriveau – Quebec

“The cases are SUPER!!! The R1200 GS Adventure was built for these cases (that’s my way of putting it). They perfectly match the fat fuel tank in size, color, and texture. Installation was a breeze, top quality bracket parts.

These cases look great and work great and thanks again for the shop visit.”

Paul Corriveau – Quebec, Canada

posted by | Comments Off on Micatech Testimonial: Bobby Earnhardt – Georgia

“Bob, Well after 30 days on the road we’ve finished shooting Food Network’s Feasting on Asphalt 2. I wanted to personally thank you for allowing me to beta test your prototype Micatech top case. I’m very happy to report that it performed flawlessly under some adverse conditions. Not a drop of moisture inside despite the monsoon like rains we encountered on several occasions. The mounting system you devised remained rock solid throughout the ride. On two occasions I put a wrench on it to see what may have vibrated loose but could not manage to get even the slightest turn out of any part.

Needless to say the Pilot Side Cases were trouble free and afforded me the most luggage capacity of any bike on the trip. The capacity of the top case is massive and it sure was nice to have that much room for camera gear and everything else that I needed quick access to. Despite its size I noticed no buffeting or drag when on high speed runs. The three cases are well designed and seem to work in harmony with one another. I sincerely hope that you guys release this top case soon as anyone who appreciates the Pilot side cases will surely want to add the top case to their luggage set. Thanks for your dedication to quality products.”

Bobby Earnhardt – Georgia

posted by | Comments Off on Micatech Testimonial: Joe Hagerty – California

“I’ve put about 8,000 miles on the bike with the Micatech side cases. I’ve ridden all over northern California in all types of weather, traffic, and road conditions (including some off-road). The cases have been great! They are very functional, the mounting system is quite stout, and the installation directions are top notch.

Before buying, I’d had a concern about being able to split traffic with the cases. Without the cases my handlebars and mirrors were what worried me, with the cases, it is still just the handlebars and mirrors that worry me when lane splitting.”

Joe Hagerty – California

posted by | Comments Off on Micatech Testimonial: Mick Levanon – Florida

“I have to tell you, I make my living as a technical writer, and have spent many years writing manufacturing processes for the aerospace industry. I was very impressed with the level of detail and the clarity in your instructions. You take your customers through a step by step process in a very clear and orderly manner, with pictures to boot! Great job.

Everyone who sees them is very impressed, with the workmanship, the quality, the machine work, and the size. I’ve put about 500 miles on them in the last week, and the amount they hold is impressive indeed. I also got caught in a driving Florida summer storm yesterday, 3” of rain in one hour. I had a few thousand dollars worth of camera equipment in the right bag. I had to say I was concerned. I rode through some deep puddles, and next to cars doing the same. Water was hitting the cases from up top, from below, form every angle imaginable, and after the shower, when I opened the bags, not a single drop of water got inside. It seems I worried for naught. I don’t know that I would immerse them and expect that, but if they can stand a tropical rain storm, they’ll stand up to just about everything I can throw at them.  || Read more

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